• Include web-based reporting with access to all tools on any device from anywhere
  • Update daily so you have the most current data
  • Built for all levels of your company to access timely and relevant information with the most intuitive user interface on the market
  • Include a Bookmark feature that saves any report format, including filters, so you can return to it at any time without having to recreate it


Effectively track and easily analyze your retail sales data down to the item/store level. The Sales Dashboard and Analysis Tool provide an interactive centralized portal to view and interact with your key sales performance metrics, and include Inventory, Sell-Through and Weather data.  Spend less time mining the data, and more time on taking action toward improved business.


DemandLink offers Inventory Management solutions that allow you to efficiently track and manage inventory down to the store level. DemandLink supports all Inventory Management models including traditional inventory management, Pay By Scan and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), also known as Consignment.


DemandLink provides accurate forecast detail on the demand for your product. Our projections look forward at what is needed to support sales and range from two weeks up to three years. Our detailed Demand Planning output allows you to focus on producing and delivering product more efficiently for improved customer satisfaction. 


DemandLink provides a robust Replenishment platform, which ultimately reduce out of stocks and increase sales. Our replenishment suggestions surpass last year sales data and available inventory and apply over 35,000 factors that include trends and impacts (weather, rate of sales, ASP/margin, historical sales trends, NPI). You also have the option to pre-set safety stocks, presentation minimums/maximums, and in and out dates for seasonal products.


We are passionate about data quality and delivering effective and efficient business solutions. To ensure we provide the most accurate and quality data, DemandLink provides a Live Scorecarding feature with ongoing forecast performance access.

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