About DemandLink

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in Demand Planning, Replenishment and Merchandising in the seasonal and intermittent goods industries. Our production and retail experience, as well as our collaborative partnerships with clients, allow us to build tools that are unmatched by the competition. We are committed to research on new developments and new machine-learning models. Our team provides a world class, hands-on on boarding process and is passionate about data and delivering the most accurate and efficient tools to help you and your team manage and grow your business.
“DemandLink is much more than just a service provider. We consider them an integral part of our company who is fully invested in our business and our success. Their reporting and replenishment platforms have helped us maintain consistent year over year sales growth of complex retail programs. The intuitive user interfaces make it easy for our team to accurately manage data and make correct business decisions. And, the DemandLink support team has always been readily available to give technical assistance immediately. Overall, DemandLink has provided the tools to help us reach our full potential, and to grow our business.”
- Chris Montgomery, Young's Plant Farm
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Allow us to assess and identify the buying environment, so you can focus on your customer, and drive efficiency.